Three Valid Reasons For Tree Removal

Trees can be a great source of happiness for many people. Keeping them pruned and trimmed can add a beautiful aesthetic to your property, while also providing numerous benefits to the surrounding environment. However, there are occasions when a tree creates health and safety concerns, calling for a last resort option like tree removal.

Dead or Unsalvageable Tree

A tree that has died or has an incurable disease is not pleasant to look at. Due to the likelihood of large, dead branches in the tree’s crown, safety concerns must also be taken into account. These dead branches are sometimes known as widow-makers because they can fall at seemingly random times, so create the potential for accidents. In cases like these, the best option is to simply remove the tree.

Bad Location For Tree

Sometimes the wrong type of tree can be in an inconvenient location, such as in areas of high pedestrian traffic. In these cases, it can become a safety hazard. A Eucalyptus tree, for example, tends to drop branches frequently so should be planted in a more remote area. In cases where the tree is healthy, moving it to a new location instead of cutting it down completely tends to be the better option. Contact a professional arborist who will be able to help you.

Pest-Infested Tree

Disease-carrying rodents and ants make their homes in both dead and healthy trees. Insects like bees and wasps also build their nests in trees and can be dangerous to children. The safety of your loved ones should be your priority, so this into consideration when thinking about removing your tree.

Trees offer several benefits to the environment and are wonderful to have on your property. However, if they are creating a hazard to health and safety, then it’s time to say goodbye. Contact a professional tree contractor to learn more about how tree removal services can help you.