Don’t Miss the Signs: 4 Indicators You Need a Tree Service Contractor

While having trees in your yard can feel like a luxury, they also require maintenance. Instead of putting yourself in danger to maintain the trees, you should have a tree service contractor on call. If you aren’t sure when to call a professional, here are four red flags to look for.

You Have Too Much Shade

Can you see the sun through your trees? While having shade from the hot sun can be preferable in the summer, you should still be able to see the sun through the canopy. If you cannot see the sun, you need to have your branches pruned as soon as possible. The tree cannot receive enough air and sunlight if the branches and leaves are too thick.

Your Tree Looks Unusual

If your tree has a bizarre shape, it may need to be shaped. Trees may begin to lean or have too many branches in one area, with few in another. The tree service contractor can perform an inspection and help your tree resume healthy growth and return it to its original shape.

Your Branches Are Overgrown

When you have long branches, the branches can begin to scratch your home, cars or interfere with the electric wires. To keep the branches from causing severe damage to your property, you may require trimming. Sometimes, long branches make it impossible to approach a tree.

Your Branches Have Died

Broken or dead branches are a health hazard to you and your family. Not only can dead branches spread disease or insect infestations, but the weak limbs can potentially snap and damage property or cause physical harm. If you have a diseased tree, it is best to remove it as soon as possible to stop the spread of disease between other trees.

If you require the removal or maintenance of trees, a tree contractor can ensure that the job is done correctly and with little to no damage. To prune or remove trees can be dangerous when you don’t have adequate equipment. Hiring a tree service contractor is a safer option.